Fettuccine with Parmesan Cheese Sauce

Tweet This sauce is a lighter version of the American fettuccine Alfredo. I say “American”  because if you ask for this dish in a restaurant in Italy, they will look ...

Caramelized Onion & Fig Crostata

Tweet The best way, in my opinion, to eat fichi, meaning figs in Italian, is fresh off the tree. That was how I experienced my first taste of this short-lived ...

Italian Food Buffet

Buon Giorno! Welcome to my food blog

Tweet   Colazione, pranzo e cena (breakfast, lunch and dinner) – there’s no doubt about it, food is an important part of every day life. But food is more than ...

Spotlight Recipes

Ricotta Gnocchi

Tweet Gnocchi (pronounced neeyo-kee) are small dumplings. They should be light and ...

Sesame Lemon Biscotti

Tweet I remember eating these biscotti as a child, sitting at my ...

Anise Biscotti

Tweet   Italians LOVE their biscotti! We eat them for breakfast, for ...

Mangia Bene!

Raspberry & Mascarpone Torta

Who among us doesn’t enjoy a great pastry or coffee cake? Whether it’s a small wedge with that first cup of coffee in the morning or a generous slice shared with a friend in the afternoon, cake and coffee just go together. The combination of creamy mascarpone filling, sweet berry preserves and a toasted nut topping […]

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Spaghetti-Stuffed Eggplant

Pasta and eggplant are often enjoyed together, whether it’s the classic Pasta alla Norma, an eggplant and spaghetti pie or simply a plate of buccatini to accompany Melanzane alla Parmigiana. The inspiration for this dish came about because I wanted to serve a small plate of pasta but, in a fun way. The baby eggplant […]

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Honey Mousse

Milk and honey were both among the earliest foods of humankind and the earliest mentioned in the bible. “A land flowing with milk and honey” (Exod.3:8), is an expression describing the agricultural prosperity of the Holy Land. Honey, miele in Italian, is a natural alternative to refined sugar and comes in thousands of variations. Because […]

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Summer Squash Soup

The days of Summer are dwindling and Autumn is just around the corner. Before we know it, the once bountiful harvest of vine-ripened tomatoes, sweet peppers and baby eggplants will fade into the sunset until next season. But, the one vegetable that seems to hang on the longest is summer squash. However grateful you might […]

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Summer’s Sassy Sauce

This bold sauce is similar to pesto, as it’s the same consistency and requires no cooking. Made with a fruity extra-virgin with a peppery finish and two types of tomatoes, sun-dried and fresh cherry tomatoes, this thick sauce can be used as a spread to liven up any sandwich or tossed into pasta. This is […]

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Insalata Caprese

The Isle of Capri, Italy, situated in the Bay of Napoli, is probably most noted for the Grotta Azzurra, (Blue Grotto) a sea cave that is filled with a brilliant blue light. I was lucky enough to visit this magical place before it became the tourist attraction it is today. If you climb the long and […]

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Tuna Bruschette

Bruschette is the quintessential small bite and is the perfect choice for summertime eating! The tuna salad can be prepared in advance so, all you have to do is toast the bread. I use Wild Planet Albacore Tuna. Each five ounce can contains 100% pure tuna in large chunk (not bits and pieces) and sea […]

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Roasted Peaches & Ice Cream

Pesche arrostite e gelati is a great solution when you have more peaches than you can eat and they are all ripening at the same time! Roast a few or an entire sheet-pan, as they will keep in the refrigerator for several days (much longer than if they were sitting on the kitchen counter). The […]

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Fresh Tomato & Herb Sauce

This traditional recipe has been passed down from generation to generation by Pellegrino Artusi, gastronome (a connoisseur of good food) and author of Science in the Kitchen and The Art of Eating Well, published in 1891. Use only the freshest  and finest quality ingredients for the best results. Artusi suggests straining the sauce but, I prefer the […]

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Roasted Baby Eggplant

Roasted, stuffed, grilled and fried, are just some of the methods Italians (particularly southern Italians and Sicilians) use to turn this versatile vegetable into a vast variety of dishes. The smaller, baby eggplants of summer are the perfect side-dish for picnics and potlucks or simply to enjoy al fresco at home. Our recent trip to […]

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