Stuffed Eggs with Prosciutto

Tweet The greens on the plate are called pea shoots and they are more than just a garnish. Pea shoots are the leaves and tendrils of the pea plant. While ...

Spring Cupcakes

Tweet Who among us doesn’t love a good cupcake? Apparently not too many based on the number of cupcake shops popping up around town. Have you seen the program Cupcake ...

Italian Food Buffet

Buon Giorno! Welcome to my food blog

Tweet   Colazione, pranzo e cena (breakfast, lunch and dinner) – there’s no doubt about it, food is an important part of every day life. But food is more than ...

Spotlight Recipes

Ricotta Gnocchi

Tweet Gnocchi (pronounced neeyo-kee) are small dumplings. They should be light and ...

Pasta alla Norma

Tweet The combination of pasta and eggplant is exclusively associated with southern ...

Anise Biscotti

Tweet   Italians LOVE their biscotti! We eat them for breakfast, for ...

Mangia Bene!

Buona Pasqua!

  Buona Pasqua mi amici!

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Le Verdure

Food does not have to be complicated. These colorful vegetables, simply roasted with olive oil and salt, then grilled are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate .

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Olio in Cucina

There are three profiles of extra virgin olive oil: delicate, medium and robust. As a rule, an oil with a delicate profile is made from ripe mature olives and has fruity notes that pairs nicely with cheese and desserts. Medium-style olives have a favorable bitterness and pungency and is what I use most often. I […]

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Bittersweet Chocolate Blood Orange Biscotti

I have been working my way through several different kinds of flavored olive oils,¬†with great success (she said modestly). The Meyer Lemon Biscotti, Vanilla Bean Scones and the ¬†Chocolate Truffles have all been well received. My new creation, chocked full of toasted almonds and chunks of chocolate, is now a family favorite.   Ingredients: 2 […]

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Blood Orange Chocolate Truffles

You may offer a terrific torta (cake) or several kinds of biscotti (cookies) to your guests after dinner, but there are some who consider chocolate to be the ultimate indulgence after a meal. These large, luscious, melt-in-your-mouth, silky-smooth truffles will be the exquisite ending to your dinner party. The secret ingredient is blood orange extra […]

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Vanilla Bean Extra Virgin Olive Oil Scones

Scones are a breakfast ¬†favorite and the perfect coffee and tea-time treat. Requiring only a few ingredients, scones are simple to make and armed with a few baking tips, you’ll be able to serve perfect scones every time. I use vanilla bean EVOO instead of butter, which makes for a light and tender scone with […]

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Meyer Lemon Olive Oil Biscotti

If you are a newcomer to using extra-virgin olive oil when baking, you’re in for a treat and a healthy one at that. Baking with olive oil dramatically reduces the saturated fat and cholesterol of your baked goods. Once you begin to use this healthy fat, there’s no going back and after you’ve tried the […]

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Baking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As essential as olive oil is in my cooking, it has been under utilized in my baking until fairly recently. Each year, (as far back as I can remember) just prior to Thanksgiving, I order our traditional panettone to be enjoyed on Christmas morning. This delicious yeast bread is made with olive oil instead of […]

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Choosing and Storing Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In my perfect world, everyone would have a beloved Uncle Lorenzo who lives in the beautiful Sicilian countryside with groves of ancient gnarled olive trees. Family and friends would gather annually for the “crush” (the making of olive oil) and there would be an abundance of food, drink and laughter. Of course, we would all […]

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Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

Spaghetti with garlic and olive oil is the most basic way to sauce pasta. In a country where it is quite common (the norm actually) for the same pasta dish to vary from north to south, region to region, town to town, family to family, this “poor man’s meal” seems to be the common culinary […]

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