Tweet In the United States, many of us learned about Thanksgiving in grade school. We were taught that the fifty-three pilgrims (the only colonists to survive the long voyage on ...


Tweet There is something about the month of November that is quite comforting to me. Though I’m busier than ever with projects and deadlines, with each new dawn I seem ...

Italian Food Buffet

Buon Giorno! Welcome to my food blog

Tweet   Colazione, pranzo e cena (breakfast, lunch and dinner) – there’s no doubt about it, food is an important part of every day life. But food is more than ...

Spotlight Recipes

Marsala-Poached Pears

Marsala-Poached Pears

Tweet The Sicilian city of Marsala, (from the Arabic “Mars-el-Allah,” meaning the ...

Ricotta Gnocchi

Tweet Gnocchi (pronounced neeyo-kee) are small dumplings. They should be light and ...

Anise Biscotti

Tweet   Italians LOVE their biscotti! We eat them for breakfast, for ...

Mangia Bene!

Sicilian Sunrise

A colorful libation to begin a delicious day! Brunch is my favorite way to entertain. It can be casual or elegant, yet the atmosphere is always festive, friendly and fun. It is the perfect opportunity to invite newcomers to the neighborhood, celebrate a special occasion or just relax and enjoy with family and friends. The […]

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Summer Spaghetti

Summer Spaghetti

In Sicilian cooking, green olives and capers go together like pine nuts and currants and the classic combination gives personality to this bursting-with-flavor pasta dish. This is a fresh sauce with no cooking required. The ingredients are merely chopped and combined and rest in the refrigerator overnight. The next day let the sauce come to […]

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Almond Ricotta Cake

Much of the baking my grandmother did (usually biscotti) included almonds in some way. The almond tree was brought to Sicily by the ancient Greeks, who considered it to be a symbol of hope. Sicilians love their almonds! Of all the cakes I make, with the exception of Sicilian olive oil cake, this one is […]

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Tuna Bruschette

Bruschette is the quintessential small bite and is the perfect choice for summertime eating! The tuna salad can be prepared in advance so, all you have to do is toast the bread. I use Wild Planet Albacore Tuna. Each five ounce can contains 100% pure tuna in large chunk (not bits and pieces) and sea […]

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Roasted Baby Eggplant

Roasted, stuffed, grilled and fried, are just some of the methods Italians (particularly southern Italians and Sicilians) use to turn this versatile vegetable into a vast variety of dishes. The smaller, baby eggplants of summer are the perfect side-dish for picnics and potlucks or simply to enjoy al fresco at home. Our recent trip to […]

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Insalata Caprese

The Isle of Capri, Italy, situated in the Bay of Napoli, is probably most noted for the Grotta Azzurra, (Blue Grotto) a sea cave that is filled with a brilliant blue light. I was lucky enough to visit this magical place before it became the tourist attraction it is today. If you climb the long and […]

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Crostata di Pesca

A crostata is simply an Italian free-form pie or tart, typically filled with a fruit jam or fresh fruit. I like to make them for their ease in preparation, (doesn’t even require a pie pan), as well as their rustic look. For a quick and very easy dessert, you could even use a refrigerated pie […]

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Pasta alla Norma

The combination of pasta and eggplant is exclusively associated with southern Italy and principally Sicily. This is a combination I have been using for years in recipes such as, melanzane e spaghetti torta, orzo stuffed peppers and marinated melanzane. As my recent trip to Sicily confirms, there are numerous versions of pasta alla norma, from Trapani in […]

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Polpettone con Ricotta

I have made various types of meatloaf and I have made meat rolls using flank steak (braciolone), but I have never made rolled meatloaf before now. Polpettone con Ricotta (Stuffed Italian Meat Loaf) is a recipe I modified from an old cookbook of my mother’s, which she purchased at a church fundraiser. The Italian Catholic […]

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The Italian giardiniera, pronounced jar-dih-NAIR-ah, means from the garden and is a classic combination of vegetables. Cauliflower, red bell peppers, carrots, celery and serrano chili peppers are mixed and marinated in a mixture of vinegar, olive oil and seasonings. Giardiniera, a common term for pickled foods, has graced many antipasti platters, but, if you’d like […]

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