Frutta al Spiedino


Perfect for Colazione or Dolci (breakfast or dessert). This fruit kabob (spiedino) is a colorful addition to the table and of course it’s paired with Cannoli Cream for that extra special yumminess factor.






Cannoli Cream recipe

Your favorite fruit

Wooden skewers


… or maybe you prefer this presentation. Either way, the ingredients are the same. Omit the skewers and crumble up a couple of amaretti cookies.

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  1. Cannoli Cream | | Sicilian GirlSicilian Girl - April 13, 2012

    […] out of the bowl (which I always do). It’s great with fruit (see Frutta con Cannoli Cream and Frutta al Spiedino). Now, as good as the filling is with or without fruit, it was lacking that certain crunch you get […]

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