Archive | July, 2012

Roasted Crunchy Cece (Chickpeas)

Tweet The tradition of nibbling on salty snacks while sipping a glass of wine or aperitivo (cocktail) and sharing a plate of appetizers with friends is not a recent phenomenon. This custom is deeply rooted in Italian history. Ancient Romans spent many an hour in country osterie (inns) and smoke-filled taverns doing much the same […]

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Frittata con Zucchini

Tweet A ridiculously quick and easy way to get a perfect frittata (Italian omelet) for one. It seems I always have leftover roasted or grilled veggies of some kind in the refrigerator. So a healthy and satisfying meal is just minutes away. This is also a perfect afternoon snack (Merenda) and can be enjoyed at […]

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Merenda (Small Bite)

Tweet In Italy, merenda is a nourishing “Small Bite” in it’s simplest form defined by the season, varies from region to region and is based on a respect for natural ingredients. Merenda (like so many things) was born out of necessity. The men who worked the fields and pastures spent long and tiring hours away […]

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