Blueberry Ice Cubes

IMG_8694Last summer, an unexpected trip out of town, found me with a refrigerator full of fruits and vegetables that I did not want to go to waste. So, I roasted the carrots, mushrooms and eggplant and fried up the bell peppers. The fruit was a no-brainer, as it went into the freezer. The berries could be used for future smoothies, the grapes for an icy treat and the peaches for a frozen favorite on a stick.

The blueberry ice cubes were an after thought but, I enjoyed them so much that now I deliberately fill an ice cube tray with this tiny taste-of-summer fruit. Adding the miniature cubes to a tall glass of sparkling Pellegrino, lemonade or coconut water is very refreshing and just plain fun!.



  • Blueberries or any other berry or fruit
  • Water, fruit juice, lemonade, ice tea, coconut water

IMG_8683Place desired amount of fruit into any size or shape ice cube tray and fill with your favorite liquid.

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