Archive | September, 2017

Spaghetti-Stuffed Eggplant

Tweet Pasta and eggplant are often enjoyed together, whether it’s the classic Pasta alla Norma, an eggplant and spaghetti pie or simply a plate of buccatini to accompany Melanzane alla Parmigiana. The inspiration for this dish came about because I wanted to serve a small plate of pasta but, in a fun way. The baby […]

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Honey Mousse

Tweet Milk and honey were both among the earliest foods of humankind and the earliest mentioned in the bible. “A land flowing with milk and honey” (Exod.3:8), is an expression describing the agricultural prosperity of the Holy Land. Honey, miele in Italian, is a natural alternative to refined sugar and comes in thousands of variations. […]

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Summer Squash Soup

Tweet The days of Summer are dwindling and Autumn is just around the corner. Before we know it, the once bountiful harvest of vine-ripened tomatoes, sweet peppers and baby eggplants will fade into the sunset until next season. But, the one vegetable that seems to hang on the longest is summer squash. However grateful you […]

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