Cuccidati Kisses

So, you’ve made dozens and dozens of Sicilian Christmas cookies and have just a bit of fig filling left. What do you do? As I see it, you have three options; You could make a smaller batch of the dough and make more cookies (not happening). Or, you can  take whatever amount of filling you have left and mix it with an equal amount of orange marmalade. Yes, now you have a delicious fichi e marmellata di arance! And last but not least you can create a truffle of sorts by rolling small spoonfuls of the filling into balls and then coat them in melted dark chocolate. Add sprinkles and Voila!  Cuccidati Kisses!

The moral of this story is even when mamma is tired and has little feeling left in her cookie-making hands, I simply cannot  not use the last of this filling. Now, because we enjoy the fig and orange marmalade so much and everyone loves the cuccidati kisses, I make certain that I set aside a portion of our traditional Christmas cookie filling to make these other treats so they can be enjoyed long after the holiday has passed!


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