Citrus & Cheese Butter Toast with Fried Egg and Asparagus

“The Incredible, Edible Egg” is a marketing slogan that was created for the American Egg Board in 1976. I believe that this slogan is so spot on because eggs are nutritious and one of the most affordable and best sources of high quality protein. They are the leading lady in many of the meals I prepare, whether it is breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner or a simple small bite.

This is a personal favorite for a summertime evening meal, followed by an affogato and/or a slice of peach crostata.


  1. Toast the bread (I used sourdough), slather with citrus butter immediately
  2. Top with cooked egg and asparagus spears. Garnish plate with fruit.

Enjoy with cappuccino, peach Bellini, Sicilian sunrise or a limonata.



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