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Pear, Pecan & Gorgonzola Salad

Tweet This past New Year’s Day, I made this sensational salad with caramelized pears. It’s really good! Today, I only have one pear and am in a bit of a hurry. So, this is basically the same ingredients, using a room temperature pear, rather than a warm caramelized one, and a different presentation. It’s still […]

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Holy Week

Tweet During Holy Week, we enter into Christ’s passion, death and resurrection. This is known as the Pasqual Mysteries. We not only commemorate the important events of our salvation in a historical way but, we also celebrate them in a sacramental way that makes these sacred mysteries, present to us. We accompany Jesus from his […]

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Rosemary Lemon Sea Salt

Tweet Rosemary, native to the Mediterranean region and a regular ingredient in Italian cooking, is one of my favorite herbs. While living In Tucson, I had several huge plants. These evergreen plants with purple blossoms thrived in the Arizona sun and were part of the landscape surrounding many of my neighbors homes. Some grew into […]

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