Archive | April, 2021

Marinated Baby Artichokes

Tweet Native to the western and central Mediterranean, the artichoke is a domesticated variety of the wild cardoon. Cardone, in Italian, is a thistle and looks like large stocks of celery. My grandmother used to coat them in breadcrumbs and fry them. They were amazing. Unlike an artichoke, you eat the stems not the flower […]

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Easter Monday

Tweet Easter Monday, known as la Pasquetta in Italy, literally means little Easter. It is also known as ‘Lunedì dell’Angelo‘ (‘Monday of the Angel’) – the day to remember the Blessed Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene visiting the Holy Sepulchre, finding it empty, and being comforted by an angel. After the solemn season of Lent […]

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Sicilian Cannoli

Tweet I remember the cannoli my grandmother used to make and I am so very grateful that I have her “handwritten recipe” for this iconic Sicilian sweet treat. I use stainless steel pastry tubes (which can be purchased on Amazon), my grandmother’s were made out of wood. My grandfather made them from a broom handle, […]

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