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Apple & Sage Turkey Meatballs

Tweet Sweet apples, tart cranberries and the warm, earthy essence of fresh sage are the flavors of Fall and are what these versatile meatballs are all about. They are great for those holiday get-togethers (shown here as appetizers). I also, serve them for breakfast, with dishes such as, a simple avocado toast or a stack of […]

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Orzo Chicken & Fruit Salad

Tweet Whether it’s a simple meal for game night, a light lunch with the girls or the solution to what to bring to a potluck pool-party, this orzo salad works every time. Cook the orzo first and let it chill in the refrigerator while you prep the other ingredients. I usually poach the chicken but, […]

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Sweet Potato & Andouille Hash

Tweet Hash became notably popular during and after World War II, due to the rationing of fresh meat and for many, it came in a can (Hormel corned beef hash). When I was growing up, we never wasted food and leftovers on one night could easily find their way into breakfast the next morning. Hash […]

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Grillades with Grits and Creole Sauce

Tweet Grillades, (pronounced GREE-yads), are thin scallops of veal, beef or pork and are typically served for brunch. It is my understanding that the dish originated when the country butchers of Southern Louisiana were preparing the boucherie. (A boucherie is a communal butchering of an animal that ensures fresh meat for the entire community). Thinly […]

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Joe's Special

Joe’s Special

Tweet Some say this famous San Francisco specialty was devised by a San Francisco chef as a variation on the Italian frittata. Others insist it was created as an after-hours snack by dance-band musicians during the 1920’s. A third theory attributes the dish to miners who frequented the city’s riotous Barbary Coast district in the 1850’s. […]

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