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Sicilian Pizza

Tweet When visiting Palermo, Sicily, a “must do” on everyone’s list should be to explore the bustling outdoor markets. Last year, while exploring all that Sicily had to offer, that’s the first thing Jack and I did when we got to Palermo. The Ballaro, the Capo and the Vucceria are in central Palermo, each a […]

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Anise & Grape Focaccia

Tweet Focaccia, once the food of peasants, is simply a bit of leavened dough flavored with fresh herbs, olive oil, sea salt and whatever your imagination can afford. Seasonal ingredients can turn this rustic bread into a delicious edible plate, making eating out of hand the preferred utensil. They have become quite popular in the […]

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Tweet “A table without bread is like a day without sunshine.” This Sicilian saying refers to the poverty of the past (faded but not forgotten) where a loaf of bread was the only thing keeping you from starvation. Perhaps, this is why many of us have grown up being taught to never waste a crumb. […]

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