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marsala apple cake

Marsala Apple Cake

Tweet The town of Marsala is located in the north west part of Sicily and produces a fortified wine bearing her name. In the late 1700’s the wine was ‘fortified’ with Brandy thus giving it a longer shelf life for all those seafaring men. I recently had a neighbor (who is an excellent baker) ask […]

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Italian Apple Cake

Tweet Like my toasted almond breakfast cake, olive oil zucchini bread and mascarpone souffle, this is another fitting addition to your morning meal. Made with apples and cinnamon, golden raisins and extra-virgin olive oil, this slightly sweet cake is just as happy paired with a mug of hot coffee as it is with a cold […]

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Fennel Apple Spritzer

Tweet Coming up with this recipe was the answer to two questions that started off the day; What kind of non-alcoholic drink can I offer for a lunch I am hosting and what should I do with the bunch of fennel fronds left from the fennel and orange salad I just made. (See Creamy Cannellini Beans […]

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