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Risotto al Finocchio

Tweet Risotto should always be made with a short-grain rice because it absorbs the broth without the grains loosing their bite. Carnaroli, vialone nano and arborio are the main varieties. Carnaroli is the most expensive, vialone nano is preferred by Venetians and arborio is probably the best known and most readily available. Fennel is a […]

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Tweet Arancine, meaning “little oranges” in Italian, is a popular Sicilian specialty. This savory snack is a saffron-scented rice ball with a meat filling, breadcrumb coating and is fried to golden perfection. This is Sicilian street food at its finest! Using extra-virgin olive oil and frying at a constant 375* is the secret to this […]

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Torta di Riso (Rice Pudding)

Tweet My mother was a finicky eater as a child — something she never really out grew. As an adult, her petite frame of barely five feet tall and one hundred pounds soaking wet, existed on a short list of favorite foods. Her top three comfort foods were pasta, bread and anything sweet. My grandmother […]

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