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Fennel Apple Spritzer

Tweet Coming up with this recipe was the answer to two questions that started off the day; What kind of non-alcoholic drink can I offer for a lunch I am hosting and what should I do with the bunch of fennel fronds left from the fennel and orange salad I just made. (See Creamy Cannellini Beans […]

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Flavored Ice Cubes

Tweet A scorching Arizona summer screams for ice-cold beverages. My favorite beverage happens to be water. I enjoy aqua natural (still water) and aqua frizzante (sparkling water). I’m fortunate to have a whole-house water filter to satisfy my seemingly endless thirst. You might think my beverage of choice is rather boring, but my ice cubes, […]

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Tweet Frullati (plural) are smoothies, “Italian-style.” During the summer in Italy, you can get this refreshing, cold and creamy drink in any espresso bar. The barista will skillfully make this blended fruit and milk concoction (similar to a milk shake, only thinner) with fresh fruit, milk and ice. This adult version, adds a splash (okay, […]

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