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Southern Comfort Brisket

Tweet It’s smart to plan ahead if you’re thinking about making this slightly sweet brisket. Although it takes 2 hours to cook, it basically cooks itself as it makes it’s own sauce. All you have to do is combine theĀ  ingredients, pour over the brisket and shove it in the oven. Perfect for a potluck […]

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Beef Brisket with Carmelized Onions & Marsala Sauce

Tweet Much of the nation’s supply of brisket is made into corned-beef, pastrami or pot roast. Corned-beef brisket is a brisket that has been preserved with salt and flavorings (corned). That is not the kind to use for this recipe. Brisket contains very little fat, leaving the muscle fibers quite tough which is why it […]

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