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Cannoli Ice Cream Pie

Tweet A thin shell of crispy, delicate pastry dough, fried to a golden perfection and then stuffed with a creamy ricotta filling is a Sicilian specialty. Cannoli can be found all over the island and enjoyed any time of the year. Not feeling like making the shells and wanting a dessert to beat the Arizona […]

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Cannoli Bites

Tweet   Need to satisfy a cannoli craving? Don’t have time to make the traditional shells? These Cannoli Bites are the sweet sollution to satisfy your desire for this Sicilian treat. The filling is my maternal Sicilian grandmother’s blue-ribbon recipe. The amaretti crust, although different than the cannoli pastry, adds the crisp texture you’d get […]

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Cannoli Cream

Tweet Ah, the cannoli, a masterpiece of Sicilian pasticceria! This dolce (dessert) is a crisp tube shaped pastry shell filled with a luscious sweet ricotta cheese filling. Dusted in confectioner’s sugar with chopped pistachios adorning each end, this is the queen of Sicily’s desserts. I am forever grateful that I am in possession of my […]

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