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Cuccidati Crostata

Tweet Every year it seems our stash of Sicilian Christmas cookies are gone way too soon. So, this past Christmas, I saved some of the filling to make another small batch for Easter. Not feeling like baking, I came up with this crostata instead. It’s a perfect pairing with an afternoon coffee or for a […]

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Lemon Pistachio Crostata

Tweet Crostate is an Italian term for pies and tarts. They can be rustic (free-form), in recipes such as, crostata di pesca, blackberry balsamic crostata and caramelized onion and fig or they may require a pie or tart pan for dolce such as,¬†crostata di ricotta¬†(Easter pie) and bittersweet chocolate truffle tart. With an abundance of […]

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Caramelized Onion & Fig Crostata

Tweet The best way, in my opinion, to eat fichi, meaning figs in Italian, is fresh off the tree. That was how I experienced my first taste of this short-lived seasonal fruit. My grandmother had many fruit trees in her backyard, the messiest, being the fig. When the fruit is ripe, (which seems to happen […]

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