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Pistacchio Biscotti

Tweet Pistacchio Di Bronte, the pistachio grown on the western slope of Sicily’s Mount Etna, is harvested only in odd years. If you missed 2019’s crop, the next harvest will be in 2021. Pistachio trees are alternate bearing, producing heavy crops every other year. Farmers remove the flower in “off” years to allow the tree […]

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Lemon Sorbet with Candied Basil

Tweet Lemon Spaghetti and fresh Limonata are just two examples of why lemon and basil are perfect together. The last time I made a pitcher of limonata, I discovered yet another delicious way to pair these two ingredients. I strained the basil that’s used for the simple syrup, as I always do, but this time […]

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Easter Bunny Cake

Tweet   Many years ago when my son Joe was just a little boy, we spent Easter in the California Sierra’s. We have a cabin surrounded by sugar and ponderosa pine trees, white firs, cypress and a couple of magnificent oaks with a redwood forest down the road. It’s our own little piece of heaven […]

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