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Raw Garlic vs Cooked Garlic

Tweet Have you ever wondered why some recipes call for chopped garlic while others list minced, sliced or even whole cloves? When using fresh raw garlic it’s important to know that “how” you cut it directly affects the flavor intensity. When you cut into a raw garlic clove, you are rupturing the cells. The finer the clove is […]

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Mediterranean Hummus

Tweet I didn’t grow up eating hummus. I first tasted this healthy, Egyptian spread while on a family vacation in Egypt. After settling into our hotel, the palatial Mena House, we headed for the terrace for a bite to eat. Gazing out at the breathtaking, so-close-we could-almost-touch-them, Great Pyramids of Giza, we felt blessed to […]

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Lemon-y Cream Sauce

Tweet My lemon-y cream sauce is the result of having a little bit left over of an ingredient called for in a recipe. It’s not enough to really do anything with but it is too much to simply throw out. The Mango Soft Serve ice cream recipe calls for sweetened condensed milk and doesn’t use […]

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