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Granita alla Fragola

Tweet History tells us flavored ices date back to ancient China, but the first frozen dessert in Italy actually came from Sicily. Arabs brought an icy treat of frozen water, fruit and honey, which evolved to become known asĀ granita. The granita in Sicily is so pure, so flavorful and so refreshing, that during the summer, […]

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Lemon Spaghetti

Tweet This is one of those dishes that hardly needs a recipe. It’s quick and it’s easy. It’s my go-to-recipe when I want a simple summer meal. This serves two generous portions. If you are dining alone, have half for dinner and enjoy the other half the next day for lunch. Lemon Spaghetti is light, […]

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Italian Food Buffet

Buon Giorno! Welcome to my food blog

Tweet   Colazione, pranzo e cena (breakfast, lunch and dinner) – there’s no doubt about it, food is an important part of every day life. But food is more than just fuel for our body. It helps us understand who we are, where we come from and what matters most to us. Food, family and […]

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