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Olive Oil Granola

Tweet Granola is simply toasted oatmeal but, with additional ingredients to give it more personality. Using rolled oats (not instant) as the foundation, you can make it as basic or outrageous as you like. This granola is full of flavor, less expensive than store-bought and healthier, as it uses olive oil, rather than unhealthy vegetable […]

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Better than Nutella Chocolate Spread

Tweet I have made several attempts over the years to come up with a chocolate spread that I feel is worthy of sharing. The flavor was always great, rather it was the texture I had issues with. No matter how much I ground the nuts (even in a Vita-mix) the results were on the grainy […]

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Fichi Marmellata

Tweet The first house I ever lived in on my own was in Willow Glen (San Jose area of California), and what Realtor’s would call “cozy and charming” meaning it was small and had a few quirks. But it was in an established neighborhood of cute Victorians and other older homes, was very clean and […]

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