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Grits vs Polenta

Tweet Is it grits or is it polenta? They both are dried corn, so what’s the difference? Yes, grits and polenta are both made from corn, but to answer that question, we need to understand the difference between hominy grits and plain old grits. Hominy is made from field corn, that’s dried on the cob. […]

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Cheese Grits Souffle

Tweet Grits are made from corn grown across the south and for hundred’s of years have been the center of the Southern diet and culture. Historically,  the port cities that were settled by Europeans (Charleston, Wilmington, Savannah and New Orleans) preferred white corn. Moving inland, yellow corn was the choice. Grits for breakfast, grits for […]

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Grillades with Grits and Creole Sauce

Tweet Grillades, (pronounced GREE-yads), are thin scallops of veal, beef or pork and are typically served for brunch. It is my understanding that the dish originated when the country butchers of Southern Louisiana were preparing the boucherie. (A boucherie is a communal butchering of an animal that ensures fresh meat for the entire community). Thinly […]

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