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White Lasagna

Tweet Besciamella, a classic white sauce (known as bechamel in French), consists of flour, butter, milk, salt and a pinch of nutmeg and is widely used in Italian cooking. This smooth and creamy, medium-thick sauce is used in dishes such as, vegetable gratins, cannelloni and lasagna. The secret to a perfect white sauce is three-fold; […]

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Lasagna Soup

Tweet Lasagna has been a part of my family’s Christmas dinner for as long as I can remember and it’s the only time I really ever make it anymore. This past year I didn’t even make it, my son did (molto squisito). My mother used to make enough for all of us to enjoy on […]

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Mom’s Lasagna

Tweet Making lasagna is a labor of love. ¬†Although, not all that difficult to prepare, it does involve several steps and is rather time consuming. There are as many variations of this dish as there are original family recipes and of course, everyone thinks their family recipe is the best. Unfortunately, I never thought to […]

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