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Lemon-y Cream Sauce

Tweet My lemon-y cream sauce is the result of having a little bit left over of an ingredient called for in a recipe. It’s not enough to really do anything with but it is too much to simply throw out. The Mango Soft Serve ice cream recipe calls for sweetened condensed milk and doesn’t use […]

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Lemon Granita

Tweet Granita Siciliana is Sicily’s famous “icy” treat. It has a texture similar to an American snow-cone but that’s where the similarity ends. What a granita is NOT is crushed ice covered in an artificial syrup. A fruit-flavored granita is flavored with the actual fruit. The ingredients can be the same as those found in […]

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Lemon-Aid (Tips for buying, storing, using)

Tweet Behind his (or her)  bright yellow jacket, awaits an assertive little fruit just bursting to be squeezed or zest (recipe ideas). Lemons are little powerhouses when it comes to bringing out the flavor of other foods. The first substantial cultivation of limone (lemons) in Europe began mid-15th century in Genoa, Italy. In 1493, on […]

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