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Fresh Herbs & Citrus Chicken

Tweet Fresh herbs and citrus infuse the chicken with their bright and robust flavors. This recipe utilizes both the zest and the juice of oranges and lemons. By first, marinating (for several hours) the chicken thighs in the fruit juices and then coating them with the zest and fresh chopped herbs, you’ll end up with […]

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Sicilian Arancello

Tweet Many families throughout Italy and Sicily make their own limoncello, the famous Italian lemon liquor. There was a time when this digestivo (after dinner drink) was difficult to find but it is now readily available in most markets. What you won’t find however, is the orange liquor, known as arancello. Typically, this libation is […]

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Pistachio & Candied Orange Biscotti

Tweet Throughout the Middle Ages, the pistachios eaten by Sicilians came from eastern Sicily, where they are still grown, particularly around Mount Etna and in the Bronte area. They are used in many types of recipes from risotto to desserts, as well as mixed with breadcrumbs and used as a coating for fish, chicken, meat […]

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