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Farro Risotto

Tweet First cultivated in 9000 BC, emmer wheat, called farro in Italian, was the standard ration of the Roman legions. High in fiber, low in gluten (not gluten-free), this ancient food contains more protein than most grains and has a delicious, nutty flavor and chewy texture. I use it in soups, stews, salads and in […]

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New Orleans Red Beans and Rice

Tweet Born in New Orleans in 1901, Louis Armstrong, considered to be the founding father of jazz, loved Red Beans and Rice. He adored this dish so much that he signed all of his letters “Am red beans and ricely yours” Almost every restaurant in New Orleans serves a version of this comforting icon. I […]

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Tweet The Holy Trinity, in culinary terms, is the trio of aromatics that is the foundation of flavor in many regional cuisines. New Orleans is no exception. Onions, bell peppers and celery, lovingly referred to as the Creole Trinity, are essential ingredients to countless stews, soups and roasts. The French call it Mirepoix, consisting of […]

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Risi e Bisi

Risi e Bisi (Risotto with Peas)

Tweet   While attending a cooking class in Bergamo, Italy, I will never forget what the chef said about the making of this northern Italian dish. “Making a great risotto,” he said in his best attempt at English and heavy Italian accent, “is rather like making love, it takes a slow loving hand, a bit […]

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