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Lemon-y Cream Sauce

Tweet My lemon-y cream sauce is the result of having a little bit left over of an ingredient called for in a recipe. It’s not enough to really do anything with but it is too much to simply throw out. The Mango Soft Serve ice cream recipe calls for sweetened condensed milk and doesn’t use […]

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Mango Soft Serve

Tweet Last week, a reader from Mississippi commented on my Lemon Ice Box Pie. She thanked me for the recipe and reminisced how this soothing summer dessert was one of her favorites. To this day she (like all good southern cooks) keeps sweetened condensed milk in the  pantry. In her latest issue of Food and Wine […]

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Evaporated vs Sweetened Condensed Milk

Tweet In the early 1900’s, canned milk was the milk of choice. At the time, fresh cow’s milk, contaminated with bacteria, was considered unsafe to drink (before FDA regulations). My grandmother kept two canned milk products in her pantry, Pet Evaporated Milk and Borden’s Sweetened Condensed Milk. These are two very different products, can not be […]

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