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Piccatina di Vitello al Limone

Tweet Sauteed veal with lemon is fast food … really! Thinly-sliced veal quickly sauteed (don’t even have to dredge it in flour) and a sauce that practically makes itself is my definition of fast food. You could substitute chicken in most recipes that call for veal, however, you would have to pound the chicken breasts […]

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Scalloppine alla Panna

Tweet   Scalloppine in general terms, simply means scallops of veal (thin slices of top round). I like to cook with this cut of meat because it’s lean, and cooks quickly. There are many ways to prepare it which I will share in future posts. This is a mushroom and cream (panna) sauce that adds […]

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Saltimbocca Rolls

Tweet In Italian, saltimbocca means “to jump in the mouth,” implying that the dish is so good that it literally jumps into your mouth. I’ve eaten a few different versions of saltimbocca. One with chicken, one with capers (not my favorite) and the one that your fork insists on leaping into your mouth, one delicious […]

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