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Lenten Soup Suppers

Tweet Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, a journey of spiritual growth, requiring fasting, the giving of alms and prayer. Although this is a solemn season more about self denial than indulgence, it is also about food and fellowship. Lent provides an opportunity to gather and share meals together, as well as worship and […]

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Stuffed Eggs with Prosciutto

Tweet The greens on the plate are called pea shoots and they are more than just a garnish. Pea shoots are the leaves and tendrils of the pea plant. While peas take all summer to grow, the shoots are harvested after only 2-3 weeks. These leaves are young and tender with a delicious and distinctive […]

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Fillet of Sole with Marsala Sauce

Tweet I use Marsala in many of my dishes. This rich and velvety sauce is one of the easiest to prepare and is a delicious compliment to the delicate fillets. Did you know that Marsala in Arabic (Mars-el-Allah) means port of God? It is in this sleepy seaside village on the western coast of Sicily, […]

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