Month: November 2018

marsala apple cake

Marsala Apple Cake

  The town of Marsala is located in the northwest part of Sicily and produces a fortified wine bearing her name. In the late 1700’s the wine was ‘fortified’ with…
Happy Thanksgiving


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  In the United States, many of us learned about Thanksgiving in grade school. We were taught that the fifty-three pilgrims (the only colonists to survive the long voyage on…
Apple & Sage Turkey Meatballs

Apple & Sage Turkey Meatballs

  Sweet apples, tart cranberries and the warm, earthy essence of fresh sage are the flavors of Fall and are what these versatile meatballs are all about. They are great for…
All Saint's Day

All Saint’s Day & All Soul’s Day

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  In Italy and Sicily, nearly every small town has its own patron saint with their own celebratory feast day. The celebration known as La Festa Ognissante (All Saint’s Day),…