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Food brings people together. It is the culinary thread that connects us all. To say that Italians are passionate about food is an understatement. Our approach to food is more than utilitarian, we believe food should be more than just fuel for our body—it should be an enjoyable experience. It is with much pleasure that we come to the table. It’s a daily celebration of family, friendships and a reminder of our blessings. Taking time to “break bread” with others is as fundamentally important as the meal itself. We leave the table nourished with our hearts as full as our stomachs!

Each sun-drenched region of the Mediterranean has its own culinary culture with its own set of ingredients and the essential ingredient that runs through the heart of them all is olive oil!

A sacred, age-old food, good olive oil is good for you. Quality Extra-Virgin Olive Oil contains naturally occurring compounds called polyphenols, which act as potent antioxidants, protecting your body from free-radical molecules that promote disease. Containing vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties, extra-virgin olive oil, with its numerous health benefits is a definite boost to your immune system.

I use extra-virgin olive oil to sauté, pan-fry and roast, in dressing greens and vegetables, marinating meat, fish and poultry, and baking delicious desserts. I drizzle it over just about everything, from a simple poached egg for breakfast, to a full-bodied fennel soup for lunch.

Virgins in the Kitchen was founded with the sole purpose of providing opportunities for you to “experience” extra-virgin olive oil through seminars, cooking classes, tastings and tours. As an olive oil sommelier and creator of the OlioWheel (olive oil & food pairing), it is with passion, I share the pleasures of the table as you learn how a little extra-virgin olive oil can fundamentally change the taste of a dish when paired with the right flavors. It is my hope that these experiences will satisfy your thirst for knowledge of this “health and beauty” in a bottle, stimulate your appetite for exceptional olive oils and inspire you to invite virgins into YOUR kitchen!

Experience #1 – Seminar

So, you’ve heard that olive oil is good for you and even have a bottle that someone gave you two Christmas’s ago, but have yet to open, because you don’t know what to do with it. In the “Virgins in the Kitchen” seminar, you’ll learn what puts the “extra” in virgin olive oil and how deliciously-easy it is to add this historically-healthy food to your daily diet. So, wonder no more, as you will have all of your questions regarding extra-virgin olive oil answered … even the ones you didn’t know to ask.

Download the PDF

For more information on this presentation and the Speaker, click here.

Experience #2 – Tastings

Olive oils, like wine, have a wide variety of aromas and tastes. Tasting oils allows you to identify the ones you prefer.

Download the PDF (Olive Oil Tasting Classes: Basics of Olive Oil Tasting and Oils of Excellence)

Download the PDF (Olive Oil Tasting Class: Prefect Pairings – Olive Oil and Food)

Olive oil tasting classes can be held separately or added to a seminar, depending on the event venue.

Experience #3 – Tours

Spirit of Sicily Tour – Tasting the food and meeting the people who produce it, is the most authentic way I know to experience a region’s true flavor!

Imagine morning trips to the markets, cooking lessons with the locals, olive oil tastings and food pairings, meeting the farmers, fishermen and pastry chefs who produce and prepare the island’s traditional foods.

You’ll experience a slice of Sicilian life while savoring every scrumptious bite! Sicily – May 2018.


To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything>

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    • Hi, Catherine!

      What a pleasure to meet you! Your tour at the Olive Mill was impressive. 🙂

      When I opened up your website just now, I had to first get something to eat because one look at the recipes and pix, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to function, lol ~ Hats off to another of your impressive works!

      Sunny (another Sicilian girl)

    • Ciao Sunny!

      I enjoyed meeting you too. There’s never enough time to talk about the many blessings of Italian life. Good food, good friends and good Extra-Virgin olive oil, certo!


    • Can I share your pics? (with backlink of course 🙂

    • I Love You