Mediterranean Grain Bowl

After I was married, the first house my husband and I bought was only a couple of miles away from my mother. Quite often I would stop by for a coffee and a chat. And if I was hungry, I would look into the frig, as there was always a treasure trove of Tupperware containers filled with precious leftovers. It didn’t matter what was inside, because I knew anything I chose would be delicious. It could be her macaroni and cauliflower soup, red beans and rice, the last slice of lasagna, or just a little of this and some of that. I think this is probably how the so-called Mediterranean bowls, that have become quite popular, came into existence. These shallow bowls, filled with good, clean, healthy foods, usually consist of a grain, lots of vegetables and sometimes a protein. It is a delicious way to use up various leftovers. Thank you, mom!


Whatever you find in your refrigerator!

The “leftovers” in this bowl contain farro risotto, topped with poached chicken breast, roasted bell peppers, roasted carrots, fresh grape tomatoes, roasted broccolini and a roasted onion on top.

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