No Kid Hungry

As the first day of Autumn draws near, children everywhere will be settling into the new school year, but tragically, many children will go to school without the most important school supply of all — a healthy breakfast.

Every parent wants to raise healthy happy children. Having enough nutritious food to eat every day should not be a luxury, unfortunately, for millions of children in the United States of America, our youngest generation is not getting enough to eat. Hunger not only affects a child’s health and well-being, but it also affects his or her academic achievement. It is difficult to excel in school when you can’t hear what the teacher is saying over the constant rumbling growls of your own stomach.

The following story takes place in rural California, but it could have happened anywhere, even in your own neighborhood.

Hundreds of kids in one community were missing out on the breakfast offered at school — and Superintendent Lori Villanueva knew she had to do something about it. So, she reached out to No Kid Hungry, and what came out of the partnership was a real blessing.

They started serving breakfast in the classroom during normal school hours, and the results were dramatic. More than 1,300 kids ate school breakfast on the first day — compared to the 345 who were doing so before the program was implemented.

“I know as an educator that unless some basic needs are being met, there’s no way they can learn. There’s just no way, because you’re too busy worried about your stomach hurting, where your next meal might be coming from,” said Lori.

I could not agree more, which is why I support this national nonprofit that is ending child hunger in America. Their priority is to make sure every child in America gets the nutritious food he or she needs to learn, grow and thrive. It is my privilege to support such a worthwhile cause.

Click if you would like to be part of the solution, together we can stop childhood hunger in America by providing nutritious food for every child … every day!

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