Grand Canyon – A Biblical Perspective

Great are the works of the Lord; they are studied by all who delight in them. Splendid and majestic is His work. He has made His wonders to be remembered. Psalm 111:2-4

While living in both California and Arizona, I have had the opportunity to explore this national landmark many times. On my most recent visit, I saw the Canyon in a ‘new light’ with Canyon Ministries. This organization is more than a tour company operating in a National Park. They are a team committed to Christ, and enthusiastic about sharing the gospel through the biblical message of the Grand Canyon to all who will listen.

Bob, a retired Arizona Highway Patrol Officer, was our guide extraordinaire.  He has been hiking the Canyon’s trails since the mid-80’s. He has a passion for proclaiming God’s Word at the Canyon and using God’s creation as a great way to communicate that. Our small group set out on a sunset tour of the South Rim of the Canyon. As we drove to our first overlook, I chatted with my new friends, which included a family of five who were visiting the park for the first time. To say that the three daughters were excited would be an understatement.

At each spot on the tour, we got out of the van, found a place to perch and Bob taught us about the geology, plants, animals and people history of the Canyon. And of course, he shared the biblical message of Creation and the Flood as recorded in the book of genesis.

With each stop the anticipation of seeing the Canyon builds and the girl’s exuberant excitement was contagious. Finally, we arrive at the stop we’ve been waiting for. To add to the suspense, Bob has the girls (lead by dad) close their eyes and keep them closed until Bob says, “Grand Canyon.”

It was like Christmas morning and you’re watching the kids open presents for the first time. The expression on their faces (especially the youngest girl) says it all.

Near the end of the four-hour tour, Bob stopped at one of his favorite spots to watch the setting sun. As we engaged in conversation and eventually settled down, each of us silently reflected on what we had learned about what we had seen. It was the perfect way to end a perfect day.

Grand Canyon Sunset

Exploring the wonders of the Grand Canyon reveals the magnificence of God’s Creation. When viewed from a biblical perspective, the Canyon has “God” written all over it, from the splendor and grandeur of the Canyon walls, to the diverse and unique design of the plants and animals that inhabit this magical place. They all display the magnificence of the hand of our Creator.

It is often said, “There aren’t any real scientists who believe in creation today.” That is not true! There are many scientists who operate from a creationist’s point of view. Many of these hold PhDs from secular universities and see no conflict between science and God’s Word. And many of the great founding fathers of science, like Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur, Johannes Kepler, and Robert Boyle, found no conflict between their scientific research and their biblical worldview. It should also be noted that more and more evolutionary geologists are looking to catastrophic processes to explain the formation of the world’s great rock units, including those of the Grand Canyon.

Creation scientists who have studied the Canyon have challenged the role of millions of years of “geologic time” in forming the Grand Canyon. They instead believe that the Canyon presents dramatic evidence of God’s judgement of the world, a judgement by water of a world broken by sin. The Canyon gives us a glimpse of the effects and scale of a catastrophic global flood, the biblical flood of Noah’s day.

Creationists do not pretend to have all the answers. What they do contend is that their interpretation, based on the Bible’s account of history and the scientific evidence, provides a more plausible and cohesive explanation of earth history than the evolutionary one. Creationists believe their interpretation is more consistent with the data seen on earth and with the information given us by the One who was present when the Canyon was formed — God.

Below is what one of the leading scientific and theological minds of our time had to say about the Grand Canyon:

The Grand Canyon of the Colorado is recognized as one of the greatest wonders of the natural world, breath-taking in its incredible splendor as seen from the rim. It is not just an icon of beauty, however. It is a solemn witness to the mighty power of God … Therefore, as people gaze in silent wonder at its unique magnificence, they should remember the words of the psalmist: “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the brethren, I will be exalted in the earth.” (Psalm 46:10).

–Dr. Henry M. Morris, Founder, Institute for Creation Research

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