Marian Doxology

The Marianist Doxology is a short prayer that celebrates the honor and glory given to the Holy Trinity through the Immaculate Virgin Mary. It is rooted in Marianist spirituality, which emphasizes the role of Mary in God’s plan. It recognizes that all of Mary’s being and mission express trinitarian love for her and, through her, to all of humanity. This prayer (below) highlights the central role of Christ and the presence of the Holy Trinity in Marianist spirituality. It encapsulates the devotion and reverence that Marianists hold for Mary as the Mother of God and a model of faith.

 “May the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit be glorified in all places through the Immaculate Virgin Mary.”

The doxology has been used by Marianists since the time of their founder, Father William Joseph Chaminade and serves as a concise expression of praise to God, specifically through Mary. Its recitation should be done with mind and heart, and be repeated with dispositions of faith, hope, and love. It can be lived (prayed) throughout the day as a state of consecration to Mary.

According to Chaminade, by these acts which we make during the course of the day we will be obeying the precept to adore the Lord always and continuously, or, as Jesus teaches us, to pray always and without ceasing.

So, reciting with both mind and heart the doxology throughout the day, the person consecrated to Mary renews a consecration-alliance with Mary and remains in a condition of union with Jesus Christ in order to give permanent glory to God, One and Triune.

The doxology is an act of faith, a renewal of faith, which is fittingly repeated so as to prolong in living the glory given in the liturgy, and to live in the spirit of faith. The one who prays in this way thus becomes a person of faith who is constantly renewed in humility so as to give glory only to God, One and Triune; to give glory to the Trinity through and in Jesus Christ.

Some Marianist communities have set the text to music, making it part of their communal worship.

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