Soup Tasting Party


January is the perfect month to make a pot of wholesome goodness. We all have our favorites, (usually the kind mom made) but a good way to try a few new ones and add more soup recipes to your repertoire is to have a soup-tasting party. What a great opportunity to taste before you make. Serve with plenty of water, bread-sticks and of course a bite or two of dolce (dessert).

How much soup your guests bring is based on the number attending your party. If you have 8 people and you serve 1/2 cup, this means that to taste all eight soups your guests will consume four cups of soup each. That is a lot of soup, so I serve 1/4 cup (which leaves room for dessert). Suggested prizes for the best tasting soup: Soup cookbook, individual soup bowls, a set of soup spoons and how about a thermos for having your soup on the go.

I will be posting several new recipes this month for you to choose from (Roasted Fennel, Lasagna Soup, Zuppa di Cipolle) and I’ve even included an invitation  from my tasting party. Change the date, add your information, invite your friends and let the tasting begin.

Some of my favorite’s are Lemon-y Lentil & Chickpea, Jambalaya, Vegetable & Italian Sausage Pasta e Fagioli, Pomodoro con Pane, Minestra di Lenticchie, Macaroni and Cauliflower Soup, Tortellini Soup with Meatballs and the queen of soups, (in this house) my Minestrone. If you will not be hosting or attending a soup-tasting party, perhaps “If These Jars Could Talk” will inspire a pot of wholesome goodness to simmer on your stove today.

Soup Tasting Party

Thursday, January 19th 12-2 p.m.

There is nothing quite like a bowl of delicious hot soup on a cold winter day … nourishing and comforting, it is one of my favorite foods.

Please join me and a few of your friends for a tasty afternoon!


Here is how it works:

Call or email with the name of  the soup you will bring.

Prepare your favorite homemade soup and type or hand write the recipe.

Get your recipe to me by Monday, January 16th.

(I will make copies for everyone)

On the day of the tasting – bring one quart of hot soup in a thermos (not a pot). The thermos will keep the soup warm and allow easy pouring into the small tasting cups.

Don’t tell anyone what kind of soup you are bringing because we will have a blind tasting and there will be a special gift for the soup voted the yummiest!


Come for the soup tasting … Stay for the fun … Go home with new recipes to enjoy!!!

See you soon,

(Your Name and Phone Number)

Felice Anno Nuovo!