Trivia Game for Food Lovers


Whether you are an avid reader of gourmet magazines, enjoy planning dinner parties, like to cook or just love good food, this trivia game will have everyone coming back for a second helping.

In Foodie Fight, 2-6 players (or teams) race to answer questions from the following categories: Foodiesphere (food people, world cuisines, and food places), Food Stars (Food on film and in print, music and art), What’s Cooking (Cooking techniques, tools and ingredients), Company’s Coming (Party planning, table etiquette and wine and food pairing), Lab and Field (Cooking science, nutrition and food production), Dining Out ( Eateries, chefs, menu matters and restaurant service).

I have never been very good at trivia games (still not), but this is fun, particularly when paired with a few appetizers and a bottle or two of wine or dessert and coffee.

Here are a few  examples to wet your appetite; What kinds of foods are listed as crudo on an Italian menu?  (answer: raw or uncooked). What cutting tool is made of piano wire? (answer: cheese wire) Who has a “hoo-hoo”giggle when poked in his doughy middle? (answer: the Pillsbury Doughboy). How many bubbles are in a bottle of champagne? I don’t know … I told you I wasn’t very good at this!



Friends, family, food and drink!

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