Gnocchi with Brown Butter & Sage


A basic brown butter sauce is easy to prepare and adds a depth of flavor and richness to this dish without overpowering the gnocchi.

The secret is to only brown not burn the butter.

I also use this made-in-minutes, sauce as a special touch with grilled or roast chicken.

If there is even just a tablespoon or so left, I never toss it out. I warm it up, prepare a slice of toast, a poached egg and top with the brown butter for a delightful breakfast!




  1. For every stick of butter, add 6-8 whole fresh sage leaves.
  2. In a small saucepan, melt the butter, add the sage leaves.
  3. On medium-high, heat for 3-5 minutes (stirring occasionally to keep it from burning) until the butter is evenly browned.
  4. The butter will have a nice nutty-toasty aroma and be a dark brown. Reduce the heat to low, while you cook the gnocchi.

To serve, place several gnocchi in individual bowls, spoon some of the sauce over each gnocchi, including a tasty sage leaf or two.

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