A Garden of Gratitude



“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul”

-Henry Ward Beecher

Spring is my favorite time of the year!

My roses and geraniums are in full bloom.

The rosemary bushes are alive with the buzzing of bees (doing what bees do) and every time I walk past the basil plants, breath in their intoxicating fragrance, I am reminded of a ” food memory” and am inspired to cook something.

But for now, I shall take a moment to be still, appreciate the gifts of the day and enjoy a coffee.

Gratitude is the give and receive, the drink and the pour. Whether the cup be half empty or half full, I am grateful for the cup.

For many families, saying grace is a time-honored tradition. It is a spiritual connection celebrating food, family and faith and reminding us of our many blessings.

To me, grace is more than a prayer before or after a meal, rather a way to live.

Olio in Cucina
Buon Ferragosto!