“Ice” Coffee


One of my favorite times of the day is my mid-afternoon coffee break. It occurs sometime after lunch and long before dinner. There are days I am alone and for a few precious prayerful moments, I sit in silence and drink from the cup.

I give Him thanks; He fills me up.

But, on most days, Jack and I share this routine ritual together. These  special  moments allow us to reconnect and fill each other in on our individual events of the day. It almost always includes a bite of something sweet that I have just made or biscotti (cookies) from the everlasting biscotti jar.

These days I’m so busy cooking, blogging, writing, (still working on the book) and Jack has a full (and fulfilling) plate with Search and Rescue and volunteer stuff, that we have come to cherish our coffee-break-connection.

When I make more coffee than either of us will drink, I pour the extra into ice cube trays and store in the freezer. They are perfect for the iced coffee Jack prefers on these hot summer days.

I also keep a jar of coffee in the refrigerator ready to pour into a tall glass filled with the “ice” coffee. The coffee ice cubes keep the coffee nice and cold without diluting this summer beverage.

I’m not really an iced coffee kind of girl, I prefer it hot with a splash of half and half. Occasionally, however, I will have an iced coffee with milk, so I made creamy milk cubes. It wasn’t until I discovered this drink is so much more to my liking (sweeter) with my cappuccino cubes that I actually will make a pitcher full on sunny summer days. If you like the taste of chocolate with your caffeine, try the chocolate espresso ice cubes.

The mid-afternoon coffee break just got better!


  • Coffee room temperature
  • Ice cube trays
  1. Brew coffee, let cool.
  2. Pour into ice cube trays, freeze until firm.
  3. Empty trays, store cubes in freezer bags.
  4. Make more coffee cubes (creamy milk cubes, cappuccini cubes or chocolate espresso cubes).
Granita di Caffe
Creamy Milk Cubes