Cannoli cream

Sicilian Cannoli

Sicilian Cannoli

  I remember the cannoli my grandmother used to make and I am so very grateful that I have her “handwritten recipe” for this iconic Sicilian sweet treat. I use…

Grilled Peaches with Cannoli Cream

  There’s nothing better than picking your own sweet and juicy fresh fruit from the trees. Sampling as you go with juice dripping down your arm, sitting at large picnic…

Frutta al Spiedino

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  Perfect for Colazione or Dolci (breakfast or dessert). This fruit kabob (spiedino) is a colorful addition to the table and of course it’s paired with Cannoli Cream for that…

Frutta con Cannoli Cream

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  When it comes to dessert, Italians usually opt for fruit at the end of a meal. The wonderfully rich desserts that the country is famous for are generally saved…