Mediterranean Fish with Sicilian Vinegar

Mediterranean Fish With Sicilian Vinegar

  Although this is a great warm weather dish to enjoy al fresco, while sipping a limonata, it’s also a perfect choice during the holidays. For many, this is a…

Zuppa di Pesce

  When I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I could easily find fresh fish and seafood just about any time of the year. The fish counter in…

Pesce alla Milanese

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  This fish recipe is cooked in the style of Milan with a crisp crumb coating, the tangy taste of lemon and a simple browned-butter sauce. I use my own…

Swordfish Stemperata

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  If for no other reason, (and I have many) I would live in Sicily for her abundant source of fish. The catch varies with the seasons and the waters.…