Handmade Cappuccino

Handmade Cappuccino

  In Italy, coffee is more than a beverage, it’s an important part of every day life, a social phenomenon, a religious experience and one more reason Italy is suffering…

The Religion of Coffee

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  In Italy, il caffe, expertly prepared, is more than just a cup of coffee, it is a religious experience. In the neighborhood cafe, (called a bar) daily life begins…

Cappuccino on a stick

  A frozen version of my favorite coffee drink is nothing more than accidental genius. Accidental is the operative word here. I was making several batches of flavored ice cubes…

Sweet Cappuccini Cubes

  During the hot months of summer, a refreshing iced coffee is a welcome drink. Keep these sweet cubes of coffee and sweetened condensed milk, (milk with sugar) in your…