Crustless Ricotta Torte


I use fresh ricotta in many of my recipes; from pancakes, bruschette and gnocchi to cookies, pudding and pie,

Some dishes such as lasagne and cannoli, are rich and flavorful, while others such as fresh ricotta sauce and ricotta al caffe are light and satisfying. This ricotta torte is in the latter category.

Baked in a spring-form pan, this savory pie, can be sliced into small wedges and served as appetizers or as primi piatti. A more generous piece pairs nicely with a salad for a light lunch.



  • 2 pounds ricotta
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup sun-dried tomatoes, packed in olive oil (drained and chopped)
  • Italian parsley
  • Extra-virgin olive oil (Robust)
  • Salt and pepper
  1. In a food processor, blend the ricotta and eggs until smooth. Stir in the tomatoes, pulse until they are incorporated into mixture. Add 1/2 teaspoon salt and several grinds of black pepper.
  2. Wrap a piece of foil on the outside of a spring-form pan, covering the bottom and half-way up the sides, to prevent leaking. Spoon mixture into pan. Bake in a 325* oven until firm in the center when pan is shaken, approximately 55 minutes.
  3. Cool in pan 20-30 minutes, remove outside ring. Serve warm with chopped parsley, a generous drizzle of olive oil and a plate of bruschette. Refrigerate leftovers. Ricotta torte reheats nicely.
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